June 16, 2012

24 Months

I guess this will be my last " X months" post. My babies are growing up! Sob. Growing up to be feisty little girls for sure. Here is an update on what they are doing (and saying) right now.

Lexi is 36 inches tall and 26.5 pounds. Zara is 35.5 inches tall and 26 pounds. They are wearing size 2T, size 6 shoes and size 4 diapers.

To all the people that still ask us if they are twins: "Yes, duh". As they get older, people have more and more trouble telling them apart. I think they have different faces most of the time, but sometimes even I get mixed up for a second.

Up until recently, when one saw their own reflection in the mirror they would say the others name. So Lexi would look in the mirror and say "hi Zara". The mirror, self-recognition concept is very funny/weird/interesting in the identical twin context. Now she looks in the mirror and says, "two Lexis."

The girls are singing up a nursery rhyme storm these days. We have a couple of fun books that go through all of the classics and its really fun to sign thru them (especially because we had forgotten most of the words from our own childhood). Favorites are Twinkle, Twinkle, Five Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus and Rock a Bye Baby.

At 24 months/ 2 years, I am guessing they each say over 500 words and speak in many 3-4 word sentences with a few longer ones as well. We have two little chatterboxes for sure. I love coming home from work to be greeted by hugs and "Hi mommy! How are you?" I melt right there in my heels. When saying bye Lexi  says, "Bye! See ya next time". Zara has an adorable little accent with certain words like "crackUH" (cracker) and "kookie" (cookie). They both call Witney, our new nanny, "minnie".

These two are also getting way too smart for their own good (and our parental sanity). Now when I tell them they can't have any more of something (usually cookies or snacks) they point to the pantry and say, "more cookies right there." Sigh. Today we confiscated the little wooden play table in our kitchen because they were pushing it around on the floor instead of leaving it put. I told them "no more table." No one seemed to care, but Lexi ran to our kitchen table and said "table right here." Sigh.

Lexi is proving to be very feisty and stubborn and sometimes wears us down with her whining and tantrums. Hopefully this stage will pass soon. Whenever she wants something she emphatically declares, "I Need That" or "I need more books" or "I need more strawberries". You get the idea. This kid is high-maintenance. We are working on framing a please in there somewhere.

Zara is fiesty in a little different way. She is not always as needy, but she stirs up just as much trouble. Usually this means she is snatching toys and books from her sister and running away laughing. Or swiping food off of Lexi's plate. She knows exactly how to push her sissy's buttons. Zara went thru a screaming phase last month that seems to have died off a bit, thank goodness. She would scream for fun, frustration, attention, whatever. I told her that it hurts mommy's ears. Whenever she screamed, she and Lexi would both say, "hurts mommy's ears" so apparently I got my point across.

They do have their fighting moments/days, but most of the time, they are really great with sharing. If Lexi is having a hard day and crying about something, Zara will disappear for a minute and come back with Lexi's bear that she climbed upstairs and pulled out of her crib to get. It goes both ways too. Its so sweet. They show lots of empathy saying "sorry" without prompting and giving each other hugs when they are sad.

I fondly remember the days of peace and relative quiet when we had babies. Now the talking and identifying things is nonstop morning til night. "That's mommy's cup. Its hot. That's Zara's barrette. Where did Daddy go? That's mommy's puter (computer) (Climbing into computer chair) I watch moofie! I need to watch moofie!" Its really funny to see them mimicking me, repeating everything I say. Zara loves to remind us of the rules, telling Lexi "no stand on the chair, sit on bum" and "no throw cup on floor" and so forth.

Reading books is still the all-time favorite activity. I will admit that sometimes I try to look busy when I see one of them walking towards me with an arm full of books. It doesn't usually work. We read to them a lot and sometimes I cannot take another little kid book. They also love to play in their play kitchen, push their play strollers and shopping carts around the house, color with sidewalk chalk and do puzzles.

Fruit is their favorite food (strawberries, blueberries, bananas, grapes, oranges, pears, etc), but they also love beans (any kind), rice, cheese, hot dogs, meatballs, avocados, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, popcorn, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles and any kind of cracker. Zara just started to like eating eggs, but Lexi will still have nothing to do with them. Zara also loves peanut butter and jelly and likes to sing the little PB&J jingle. Lexi loves olives, but Zara does not. Favorite restaraunts are Chipotle and Sweet Tomatoes.

In the next month or so, we are going to tackle potty training. I'm not sure if us parents are ready, but the girls are definitely ready. They tell us when they have to poop, tell us again after they poop and want a diaper change, love to sit on the potty and have gone a few times in the potty, get each other diapers and wipes and all that jazz. Wish us luck!

Happy almost Summer!

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