December 22, 2011

18 Months

Eighteen months is one and a half. Yikes. I cannot believe we are on the downhill towards two already. November and December have been hectic and full of sickness. Boo. As I type this, the girls are just finishing their third round of antibiotics in the last month. They have persistent ear infections that I really hope are on the way out! All I want for Christmas is healthy girls. Here is a little snippet of life at 18 months.

Lexi is a talker and a mimic. She says too many words to even count and often makes short two or three word phrases like "more strawberry please" or "Zara shoes". We are constantly surprised at the words she says: elevator, medicine, elephant, barrette and so on. The cutest thing is that she says "too" a lot. She is trying to say "me too." Today Marcus was flipping Zara upside down and Lexi said "too, too, too" until he gave her a turn. It must be something she picked up on us saying, but I really don't remember.

Zara is also learning new words and talking a lot. She is probably up to about 20 -25 words now. She loves to say "bye-bye". If it looks like anyone might be leaving (even mommy or daddy) she proclaims "bye-bye" and waves. She is a skilled block stacker and really enjoys focused stacking and sorting activities. Whenever her boisterous sister is out of the room, Zara will sit and spend a long time concentrating on a quiet game like sorting coffee coasters into piles and putting them all back in the case. Often she runs into their room and shuts the door. When I open the door, she is usually quietly reading books or playing with a toy. I guess she wants a little private time.

The girls love to talk on the phone - whether its actually a phone or a remote or anything around the same size, they fight over it and hold it up to their ear and say "hi" over and over and usually say "hi papa" (Grandpa).

When Lindsay (our nanny) comes to our house in the morning, they slide down the stairs at lightning speed and Lexi shouts "Nincy!" So cute and we all love Nincy a lot!

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