August 22, 2011

14 Months

My babies are in their 14th month and really becoming little people. It seems like we spent the first year taking care of them and meeting their needs and now, in the second year, we are really getting to know them. There were plenty of snuggles in that first year and I loved having babies, but my little toddlers are so much fun! With each passing month, I say "this is my favorite age!" about each new stage.

A&Z both started walking on the same day - are they twins or something? They were taking steps around 12 months, but actually started walking everywhere around 13.5 months. We bought their first pair of real walking shoes this month. I was surprised that Lexi is a full shoe size bigger than Zara (5.5 vs. 4.5) considering she is only slightly bigger.

A says dada, mama, shoes, purse, more, up, book, hi and bye bye. Z says dada, mama, up, hi and bye bye. They now repeat a lot of words and understand most of what we say (uh oh for us). If I mention "shoes" or "go" they both run to the door and bang on the door to go. Its great to be able to communicate more with them. I am much happier with less whining and more talking!

They switched to one nap per day last week. Now they take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon and continue to sleep 7-7 at night. Sometimes they sleep in until 7:30 or 8 and their parents throw a party! Switching to one nap freed up a lot more of the day to get out and about. We are taking full advantage of the awesome weather by hitting up parks, splash pads, the library, OMSI, the Children's Museum and anything else we can think of. Trader Joe's and Costco fill in the entertainment gaps. They love going out and are usually happy wherever we go. I am such a proud mama when people comment on how nice and well behaved they are. They can definitely be rowdy toddlers, but we hope to raise thoughtful, kind kids so its such a better compliment than "they are so cute". We think they are cute too though :)

Zara and Lexi are pretty easy to take out to eat because they eat just about everything. Our family frequents the likes of Baja Fresh, Chipotle, Spaghetti Factory, Red Robin and Sweet Tomatoes these days, but at least we are getting out! I picked lots of berries this summer so the girls are gobbling them up like crazy and I replenished our stock of homemade jam.

Lexi love to shake her head and laugh when we say "shake it". She is very outgoing and friendly, happily ditching mom for new friends wherever we go. She is a little daredevil who likes climbing to the top of big slides and going down all by herself. Strong-willed, she gives me a mischievous smile when she knows she is doing something wrong as if to say, "I am testing you right now, what are you going to do?" Its so cute, its hard not to laugh. She loves to test boundaries and thinks "no" is an invite. Lexi is our fashion maven - she loves clothes, hats, purses and jewelry.

Zara is a happy, inquisitive, little girl. She loves sitting inside tents and tunnels and "hiding". When I ask them to sit in their chairs to eat, she hides under the table with a huge grin on her face for me to come find her. During a road-trip stop at McDonalds, she proudly climbed to the very top of the tube play structure (daddy had to go fish her out). She has learned to stand up to Lexi and hold onto toys tightly if she doesn't want to lose them. Zara is really attached to her white bear (a FLATOUT bear made of Australian sheepskin that my relatives from Australia gave the girls) and often wants to stay in her crib and cuddle with her bear instead of getting up. Lexi has a pink version of the bear that she also sleeps with, but Zara really loves hugging and holding all stuffed animals.

The girls have started sympathy crying which I could really do without, but I guess that's what twins do. When Zara is protesting her diaper change, Lexi will join in the whining/crying until its done. They are ganging up on me! We love watching them play and talk on the video monitor before they go to sleep for naps and when they wake up in the morning - they are so close and happy together, its a thrill to watch their bond grow.

Raising twins is exhausting and tiring, but we love our girls so much and continue to feel super blessed!

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