July 14, 2011

Fun in Yakima

We finally made it to Yakima to visit Bebe Jan and Grandpa last weekend. It just so happened that Khalid and Susan were there with their kiddos too so we had lots of fun with all the kids. A&Z love playing with their cousins! They all spent a of time playing in the pools.

Pretty fun looking, huh? The little pool was the "hot tub" with warmer water that the boys (men?) carried outside from the kitchen. 

Lexi could not get enough of the slide. I have about 50 pictures of her on that slide with the exact same expression.  The baby who was scared of the running water in the bathtub has come a long way!

Zara relaxing with her Bebe Jan. 

Lexi continues to love jewelry. 

All smiles in the car on the way back to Portland Monday. Little did we know that we were bringing the stomach flu home with us.

Lexi (left) and Zara (right) with all the gear in the back. We are training them into little travelers. 

Here is a video of Lexi and Zara in the pool on Sunday.

Swimming in Yakima from Natalie Shirzad on Vimeo.

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