February 26, 2010

22 Week Update

How far along? 22 weeks

Total weight gain: +17... holy weight gain Batman! I swear those Girl Scout cookies had nothing to do with it. Or the bag of Kettle chips. whatever.

Maternity clothes? Yes and thanks to many borrowed clothes from friends and family, I have only had to buy a few things.

Sleep: I am still sleeping well most nights, but considering adding some pillows to the mix because my knees and hips are starting to ache from the side sleeping. I'm not sure if this is a result of my knee and IT band issue pre-pregnancy or not.

Best moment this week: Last weekend at the beach, enjoying the gorgeous sunny day was pretty awesome.

Movement: It seems like the girls are active one day and then barely move the next so I was kind of worried that something was wrong. Today is definitely an active day and I can tell they are still breech because all I feel is really low kicks.

Food cravings: I am still drinking lots of lemonade and eating lots of everything else. I am hungry all.the.time.

Food aversions: nothing really. I still have the same likes/dislikes as I did pre-pregnancy.

Gender: Girls

Labor Signs: none and lets keep it that way for a while

What I miss: bending over without having to pull my pants up :)

Weekly Wisdom: no wisdom from me, just enjoying things where they are right now and trying to take advantage of the energy I have.

Milestones: We got the twin baby books we ordered. It is called Twice Upon a Time and starts off as a childrens story and then transitions into a baby memory book. Each twin gets their own, but it will have some of the same info. We had a lot of fun reading thru them last night and imagining reading them to our little girls.

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