January 24, 2010

17 Week Update

How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +6   Finally started gaining weight these last two weeks.

Maternity clothes? Yes, definitely wearing maternity pants/jeans now and just wearing the longer tops I already had.

Sleep: sleeping and napping, usually sleeping pretty well, but I am getting tired of lying on my side all the time.

Best moment this week: feeling better is definitely awesome

Movement: yes, feeling lots of movement after I eat

 Food cravings: orange juice and cheese

Food aversions: no aversions, except the smell of raw meat cooking. gross.

Gender: unknown, we will know in a couple weeks and can't wait to find out!

Labor Signs: still none and let's keep in that way

Belly Button: in

What I miss: sleeping on my back and stomach

What I am looking forward to: seeing the babies again tomorrow at our doctor appointment (they use a small ultrasound machine to check the heartbeats at each visit)

Weekly Wisdom: enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasts

Milestones: Nothing really, just another week of progress

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